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That was too cute!!!


What a delightful story, and a terrific way to channel Sam's delight with superheroes into a more age-appropriate place! What a good Mama you are!!

Melisa Nielsen

Thanks Lauri!  I think it is so easy to get caught up in the adult - social justice sort of super hero that we experience today when these little ones are so impressionable.... the real super hero is one that doesnt go looking for a fight or even see a fight... a real hero is one that helps others heal, connect, find good qualities in him/herself.  Plus he just loves a good story.  Blessings.


This is such a sweet story! I am going to share it with my 4yo if that is okay. I love how Super Sam asks for guidance. Thanks for sharing this.

Melisa Nielsen

I hope you will use the stories!  I was so sleepy last night, I laid down and Sam told me that he would tell me a story... guess which one he told me?  LOL There is so much to retelling the same story over again - they really love it.  We are brewing something new. Blessings!


Thanks Melisa for sharing this! I am fairly new to Waldorf and am trying to incoporate more storytelling into our rhythm (vs. always "reading" non fiction books about construction equipment...). I appreciate this example and will use it to stir some stories for my Sam too. Take care!

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